Free Ceramic Class | Kurinuki Tea Cup



Hope everyone is well and staying healthy in arms of loved one in this difficult time. 

I writing this mail to share a little news about a clay gathering that I will be hosting this Friday. ⁣

I am thinking of all small business, makers, and artists out there who is trying to figure out how to make ends meet. I am fortunate and doing fairly okay compared to a lot of others who are in bigger financial risk or in fatal health condition. But I also lost contracts, and had to suspend all ceramics class for undetermined time. It was scary to foresee how next few months is going to unfold in this moment of uncertainty. Like a lot of you out there… ⁣

'What I can do to be of service in this transitive time?' This has been a little question in my heart past week after a virtual coworking session with @tarasophiamohr. Her words that service can be an antidote to fear resonated with me a lot. So I decided to share my humble knowledge, and resources with you guys with a hope that it could create a little joy during this difficult time. ⁣

Let’s gather (VIRTUALLY), this Friday, April 3rd, 7:30pm and on. Let’s keep making and creating. I will be showing you basic hand building technics(pinching and coiling) to make small Chawan(tea cup).⁣ It’s free and welcome to all. You, your bored kids, your loved one who is in isolation alone... Join us in great number!

I will be using ordinary kitchen object that you can easily get home instead of proper ceramics tools, primitive style! So just find yourself some clay.

[Time] This Friday, April 3rd, 7:30pm

[What to bring] Clay, a bowl of water, sponge, needle, thread or fishing line, knief, sharp pencil, wooden kitchen tool(wooden spatula, chopstick, rice scooper and etc). Bring what you can find. If you don't have any of these, just your hands and a bowl of water would still work fine! Oh, also bring a warm tea or glass of apéro (or digestif)!

Where to find clay 
- Ceramic Supplier, Sial: Get stoneware cone 6 clay (ex: PSH 515)
- Art supplier like Deserres: Light Air Dry clay, self-hardening clay, or polymer clay can be used for decorative work. 
 * Both supplier mentioned above still do delivery. If you can’t get your hands on them from the places by Friday, you can buy some from me. 4kg of clay will be $10. Email me to arrange the pick up.


I might be able to figure out something for glazing & firing in the future depends on demand but I don't have a clear plan yet to offer firing service in my studio for now. I would say the focus for this session is more creating than making final product. :)  
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Hope to see bunch of you there!⁣
love and light 🖤