Mie Kim is a multidisciplinary artist and designer primarily creating sculpture and limited design objects. With her attempts to stay connected to the origin of things, her body of work reflects a spontaneous dialogue with her natural surroundings. She seeks to reclaim an ascetic intentionality in an era of perceived ‘abundance’ where many are divorced from the source and production of objects. She collects and integrates indigenous organic materials — tree ash, and wild clay harvested from the riverbeds of local mountain ranges — into a selection of her pieces. By engaging with her practice in this way, she documents the relationship between nature and society, infusing her work with a sense of environmental consciousness and cultural reverence.

Her work explores balance in aesthetic contradiction. Emptiness and rough edges, asymmetry and functionality, expansion and rootedness meld to evoke a sense of ancient form and ritual, alongside the graceful imperfection of presence and spontaneity.



2024 Elle Decoration Quebec

2023 Elle Canada

2022 La Presse | Objets hors cadre

2022 Dinette Magazine | La Quiétude au Cœur de la Matière

2021 Radio Canada | Mordue Documentary Series

2021 Elle Décoration Canada